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Gilbert Town Square

Your move to Gilbert

There is no truth to the idea that one needs to head for the city to find opportunities and growth. The town of Gilbert, AZ has debunked this way of thinking many times over by being one of the fastest-growing places in the outskirts of Pho...

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Arizona Covid-19 Resources

Arizona Covid-19 Resource Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has moved our communities into unknown territory. We recognize this is a challenging time and some in our community might face health and economic impacts. We are here to try to help. The last thing anyone wants is to...

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Golf Course in Phoenix Arizona

Mesa’s best golf courses

The fantastic landscape of the Sonoran Desert provides the backdrop for the wonderful fairways of the most popular golf courses in Mesa, AZ. No matter where you look, you will be blessed with magnificent vistas of mountains and well-managed...

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Organic fresh agricultural product

Discover fresh options in Valley farmers markets

One of the nicest perks of moving to Scottsdale, AZ and its surrounding towns is having a wide variety of choices from among the immense number of farmers’ markets here. Each of these may have their respective auras but one characteristic...

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Agent showing home interior

Great qualities that make the best Realtor

Everyone can be a real estate agent but not everyone can be a certified Realtor®. There are certain requirements that make you one: Having completed a course related to real estate Passing the licensing exam Activating your license...

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A picture of a happy family who have just bought their new home

3 reminders when using equity to buy a second home

Did you know that the average household in America has a net worth of $692,100? Does that number seem a little off to you? It did to us at first, but one of the main reasons it is so high is that many Americans have way more equity s...

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A Silhouette of a Mountain Biker during sunset at the Arizona desert.

4 top biking trails in Scottsdale, Arizona

Did you know there are nearly 9 Million self-identified mountain bikers in the United States? If pedaling through rocking terrains and cutting through canyons is what you daydream about, Arizona is one of the best cities in the nation ...

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A Visual Representation of Jumbo Loan Mortgage

What are jumbo loans?

Medium home prices in America reached a new high in 2019. Home prices are only expected to steadily increase over the next decade. But a traditional mortgage only goes far. We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about jumbo loans recently, w...

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