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Here Are The Top 5 Mother’s Day Activities You Can Enjoy With The Family

Being a mom is never easy, and caring for the family while working from home further shows how amazing mothers can be. So as we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, Aeris House Properties offers simple but meaningful ways to treat and pamper the woman of the house.

Pick up a new hobby

If there’s one upside to being in quarantine, it’s that people now have more time on their hands. So why not learn a fun new hobby with your mom so you have something to bond over on Mother’s Day? There are so many things you can try, from handicrafts, to painting, to knitting—the options are endless! Even better, you can find many free instructional videos online. And whatever you end up making can serve as a handmade and heartfelt gift to your mom.

Make something sweet

You can always buy your mom a cake, but a homemade one is always a much sweeter gift. Don’t worry if you don’t have pastry chef-level skills; there are many no-fail cake recipes that are easy to make and easier to love. You’ll even find mug cake recipes that you can cook in a microwave. Take this opportunity to customize the cake to suit your mother’s tastes, such as by using her favorite color for the icing or decorating it with her favorite flowers.

Watch her favorite flicks

Mother’s Day is a perfect time for moms to relax and take the day off. And what better way to do so than by watching movies all day? Queue up the movie playlist and ready the popcorn as you settle in for a movie marathon to remember. Just ask your mom what her favorite movies are and track them down—most of them should be on streaming services or available for rental. You can also do a virtual movie night by hosting a watch party (here’s how).

Book something special

Given the pace of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, there’s a real possibility that life will be back to normal by July 4th (more or less). Hence, now is the perfect time to plan fun activities or excursions to enjoy with your mom. For instance, you can gift her with a short vacation or tickets to a show she’s always wanted to see. Of course, this precludes that your family has been vaccinated and that you’ll continue to observe safety precautions while you’re out and about.

Give her a spa day

Yes, spas and wellness centers may have reopened, but moms don’t have to step outside to enjoy a day of pampering. After all, it’s easy to put together a spa basket for your mom that will make Mother’s Day extra special for her. You can include items such as bath bombs, essential oils, foot scrubs, scented candles, and meditation CDs. It’s a great DIY gift that tells your mom just how much you appreciate everything she does for the family.

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