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Social Aware

Aeris House Properties empowers you, our clients, not only by helping you attain the lifestyle you desire but also by offering you an opportunity to give back to the community. We subscribe to the idea that every homeowner is an important part of the community and have a significant role in community building.Part of our commitment as a real estate agency is to donate a portion of our broker’s fee to a charity of your choice. Unlike other brokers who have a predetermined charity to donate to, we give our clients the privilege of making that selection. If you already have a favorite charity, you can name the organization as the beneficiary of our donation. If not, you can you can pick a charity according to your social connections. Ask around or research for a cause that resonates with you, and support that cause by naming it as our beneficiary.

Through this program, our clients have made contributions to various organizations, including:

  • American Red Cross
  • Arizona Food Bank
  • Vision Quest 20/20
  • Arizona Trail Association

You can tract the impact of your donations through this website. We show the total amount that has been raised through the program and the amount contributed to each charitable organization.

Our Story

Aeris House Properties is committed to excellence and innovation. It is our goal to improve individual lives and the community through real estate practices that give our clients the power of choice.

We support our clients in achieving the lifestyle they desire by helping them find the home that best matches their needs and preferences or sell their property with the highest possible return on their investment. We customize our services to ensure we achieve each client’s unique goals and objectives, and we harness the wide reach of technology to get the best results in every transaction.

It is in this spirit of innovation and empowerment that we developed our Social Aware program. We believe that every homeowner is an important part of the community and we as Realtors can work with our clients in improving lives and communities.

Under the Social Aware program, we donate a part of our broker’s fee to a charity of your choice. We have deliberately adopted this practice to give you, our clients, an opportunity to create your own impact on the community. This sets us apart from other brokerages with a similar practice. While most have identified the beneficiary of their donations, we are giving you back the privilege of supporting a cause you truly believe in.

We all win in giving. There are tangible rewards in the form of tax breaks to be thankful for, but the intangible returns are much bigger. When you give to charity, you are helping build and rebuild lives and communities. Additionally, it’s well-documented that when you give, the sense of satisfaction you get can give your well-being a tremendous boost.

Homeownership is a joyful experience that you can share with the community. Through Social Aware, we at AHP can help you achieve that.


If you want to learn more about the program and our services, call us today at (602) 466-9771 or send an email to info(at)aerishouse(dotted)com. Visit us at