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Shape My Community

Aeris House Properties is committed to excellence and innovation. It is our goal to improve individual lives and the community through real estate practices that give our clients the power of choice.

It is in this spirit that we developed our Social Aware concept. We believe that every homeowner is an important part of their community and we work with our them to their idea of lifestyle.

We donate a part of our agency fees to the community’s current choice. We have deliberately adopted this practice to give you an opportunity to create your own impact on the community. This sets us apart from other brokerages. While most have identified the beneficiary of their donations, we are giving you the privilege of supporting a cause you truly believe in.

We all win in giving. There are tangible rewards to be thankful for, but the intangible returns are much bigger. When you do something that most everyone needs to do, you are helping build and renew lives and communities.

Where do I start?

Our site is anticipated to launch within the next 4 weeks. To get started, sign up for our Newsletter and we’ll let you know when the fun begins!

Here’s a small preview of what’s coming….

Step 1, Decide to make a Change

You can make a difference with an everyday transaction. Two simple steps are all that is needed. Communities change with each home bought and sold. Our simple thought – Disrupt the traditional to enhance this everyday transaction. You can Share in this reformation in a way that costs you nothing. We need your help in spending the company’s money.

Begin by helping us spend Aeris House’s money. If you have a favorite cause, you can vote for the organization as the beneficiary of our contribution. Unlike other brokers who have a pre-determined charity to donate to, we give our clients and community the privilege of making that selection.

Step 2, Vote and Share

Vote! Each quarter our community has an opportunity to vote for a moment of need. You can pick an organization according to your social connections, ask around, or research for a cause that resonates with you, and support that cause by voting for it to be our beneficiary.

Next, share and encourage others to do the same. You can track the impact of your votes through this website. We show the total amount that has been raised with each transaction. Whether you sell or buy with Aeris House or even purchase our listed properties with an outside agent you add to the total.

Your Vote Can Make A Difference!