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Here’s the Lowdown on Buying Equestrian Property

equestrian properties

Buying equestrian property calls for a specific type of approach compared to buying a typical single-family home. To make sure you purchase the right equestrian property in Arizona, consider the following:

  1. Work with a local real estate agent
  2. Whether you are a novice buyer or an experienced one, working with the right Scottsdale real estate agent makes the buying experience incredibly smooth and stress-free. An agent who specializes in equestrian property will be in the best position to guide you through every step of the way, from finding a suitable property to negotiating the best deal.

    When looking for an agent, choose one look for someone who is also knowledgeable about the community. For the best Scottsdale realtors, get in touch with us at Aeris House Properties. We are here to help you find your dream property. Give us a call today at 602.466.9771 or send an email to Info(at)AerisHouse(dotted)com.

  3. Find the location that suits your purpose
  4. As with anything related to real estate, location is everything. Narrow down your choices by figuring out what you want out of your equestrian property. Are you an avid trail rider? Are you looking for a hobby farm? Do you want to start a breeding operation? Or are you thinking of turning the property into a horse ranch or an equestrian resort? Look into the communities in the area with equestrian properties. Ask your real estate agent for their insight and learn about zoning laws. If you plan on establishing a homestead, find a location that is close to places important to you like work, school, and the like. It also helps to get a feel of the place by driving around the community and seeing first-hand what it is like to live there. Once you have found the perfect community, look into property’s soil quality and vegetation. These are among the details that will help you determine if the equestrian property suits the purpose of your purchase.

  5. Consider the facilities and structures
  6. If you do not want to build your own horse facilities, make sure that the ones on the property are up to scratch. Take a look at the barn and stable, and assess whether they need to be repaired or renovated. Check, too, if the facilities are spacious enough to accommodate your horses and equipment. Arizona’s warm and dry climate can take its toll on your horses’ well being so it helps to add cooling systems to your facilities.

  7. Look for reliable sources of water
  8. You’ll need a lot of water to maintain your property and your horses so make it a point to look into the water supply. What freshwater sources can you tap into? Are you going to pump it from the ground or from a nearby river into a tank? You can also store the runoff from private dams or collect rainwater from the roof.

  9. Think about your plans for the future
  10. Last but not least, consider your long-term plans and future goals when picking out the perfect equestrian property. The property you choose should be able to accommodate your future needs and help you achieve your personal or professional goals.

If you need more advice on buying real estate in Scottsdale, you can get in touch with us, Aeris House Properties, by calling 602.466.9771 or sending an email to Info(at)AerisHouse(dotted)com.