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Why should you downsize your home?

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Bigger is not always better when it comes to homeownership. While it’s amazing to live in a big spacious home, it also has its disadvantages. This is especially true for those who travel often or have children who are off to college.

If you are thinking about buying a house in Scottsdale, AZ – considering the circumstances you’re in or the changes you’re expecting down the road – look into buying a more compact home.

Here’s why:

  1. Smaller homes are easier to maintain
  2. Every homeowner can agree that house maintenance is a serious responsibility – and quite the chore. From vacuuming floors to making sure mold and pests don’t infest your place, a homeowner’s job is never done. Imagine scaling these up when you live in a big house. Unless you do it yourself, you might have to hire extra help to keep the house in top shape on a regular basis.

    The good news is that if you live in a more compact home, you won’t have to work quite as hard to keep it looking neat and tidy. Smaller homes generally require less upkeep, so you reduce the cost of running the house as well. If you are handy around the house, you also won’t have to call professional cleaners or gardeners for maintenance work.

  3. Smaller homes are easier to secure
  4. For large homes with multiple entrances and windows, keeping the home safe spells a lot of work. You have to make sure every single entryway is locked, monitor all the rooms, and secure the grounds and outdoor living spaces. With a smaller home, you will have an easier time of it. There are fewer entranceways and windows and the overall living space will be less difficult to monitor. Since there will be fewer security measures to consider, it’s easier to come and go as you please.

  5. Smaller homes let you save on utilities
  6. For energy efficiency, a smaller home is tops. You’ll save money on your utility bills because there are fewer lights to turn on, less indoor space to cool or heat, and a smaller yard to use your sprinklers on.

  7. Smaller homes free up your time to pursue your hobbies
  8. Without worrying about the upkeep and security of your home, you will be surprised at how much free time you have on your hands. Use this precious time to do the things you enjoy. Pursue your hobbies, learn new skills, and spend more time with your family.

  9. Smaller homes are best for retirement
  10. It would be a waste to spend your retirement years tending to a big house, so consider downsizing. Instead of spending a good portion of your pension on home maintenance, use the money on things you finally have the time for. Check your bucket list for details.

Downsizing and moving to Scottsdale, AZ gives you the chance to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and golfing every day. Learn more about the benefits of more compact homes and your real estate options in Arizona today! Get in touch with us at Aeris House Properties by calling 602.466.9771 or send an email to Info(at)AerisHouse(dotted)com.