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These Arizona cities are Among the Top Places to Live

Arizona is a state that is always attracting movers due to the beautiful scenery, a plethora of premium real estate, relaxing living conditions, and abundant employment opportunities. There are many Arizona cities that provide an exceptionally high standard of living, and below you can have a look at the ones which rank highest for the most important factors.

Tempe, AZ

One of the most popular cities in Arizona is Tempe. Many huge companies have their headquarters here, and the fantastic range of employment opportunities continues to attract new residents. Arizona State University is a major employer alongside Wells Fargo and American airlines.

There are many fantastic homes for sale in Tempe, AZ to choose from. With so much property for sale in Tempe, to choose from, the city tends to attract both young professionals and families looking to settle in. The current population of Tempe is around 169, 816, and residents can expect a mix of youthful vibrancy and a relaxed family-friendly culture. With a wonderful network of hiking and biking trails, it is the perfect city for those who enjoy the outdoors. It has also a fantastic infrastructure network; with the highlight being the free to use Orbit shuttles.

Mesa, AZ

Another top city in Arizona is Mesa. In terms of livability rankings of the country, it comes within the top 40. This is due to the abundant opportunities for outdoor activities, and the vibrant arts scene that exists in the city. In the winter, residents can hike in the nearby mountains, whereas in the summer, they can enjoy the nearby lakes for wakeboarding. Many bikers are fond of the extensive bike routes that run along the city.

There are a variety of houses for sale in Mesa that include condos and family homes. The total population of the city is around 458,860 with around 40% renting and the other 60% owning their homes outright. Mesa is a great city for those looking for a dense suburban feel. The abundance of excellent coffee shops and green spaces makes this one of the best cities to live in.

Tucson, AZ

Another top city for livability in Arizona is Tucson. It is the home of the University of Arizona, and it is located in the backdrop of some stunning cliffs and canyons. It has a range of wonderful outdoor attractions such as Blackett’s ridge and the Tanque Verde Falls. There are plenty of hiking/biking opportunities, and a ton of great spots to watch the sunset.

The top employment industries in Tucson are education, and aerospace and defense. It is also near some military bases, which makes it a popular spot for veterans. There are many fantastic restaurants scattered all over the city, which range from casual dining establishments to high-class dining experience. The city is diverse, and many cultures continue to contribute to the thriving arts scene. People come for the sights, and they tend to stay because of the relatively low cost of living. There are plenty of wonderful properties to catch your eye.

These Arizona cities all offer a wonderful long-term living experience. Whether you’re interested in Mesa or Tempe real estate, it is vital to find an experienced real estate agent who understands the local market. Aeris House Properties is always ready to guide you through the house buying process. We can find you a home that meets your requirements for the right price. Call us at 602.466.9771] or send us an email at Info(at)AerisHouse(dotted)com.